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If your reaction to qualitative research has been 'it's probably all good stuff, but..' BatchelorClark offers you something refreshingly different. A service that is more strategic, more marketing-friendly and provides more usable brand insights.


BatchelorClark is a boutique consultancy that works with action-oriented marketers in the private, public and third sectors as well as above, below and through the line agencies. Our clients want insights that are not just interesting, but actionable and capable of delivering tangible results.


While we specialise in qualitative research, our approach means we are accustomed to integrating qualitative and quantitative methods. We offer a wide and flexible range of products and services and our style is friendly, collaborative and approachable.


We are based in North London and work all over the UK. Why not get in touch now and find out how our research approach can help build your brand.

".. provided quant and qual services that really helped reshape the business strategy of the organisation...felt that Miriam was one of the team ...helped to give us confidence in the findings and recommendations."
Lee Appleyard,


".. from robust interpretation of market insight data to viable business model to high quality delivery ..a valuable asset to a marketing department."
Lisa Roberts, NatWest


"Rare insight and understanding in to deeply sensitive and personal issues.. central in moving Breast Cancer Care's positioning and wider business strategy forward."
Max Du Bois,
Spencer Du Bois


".. results will significantly inform our strategy for the next 5 years. We have enjoyed working with you and congratulate you for getting such an excellent response rate from our CEO members."
Sir Stephen Bubb, ACEVO